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Escape Bistro & Wine Bar

10130 99 Ave, Grande Prairie
5 novertējumi
+1 780-532-1849

Escape Bistro & Wine Bar uz kartes


Arctic Orca (13.11.2016 04:03)
Closed. No longer in business.
Rachel Jay (20.11.2015 22:04)
Passable food. It's alright, little expensive but don't really care too much. The service is terrible though. I came in at lunch to get some soup take away and a pop. I'm reasonable person, they were busy, I was expecting a bit of a wait before anyone could help me. But what I didn't expect was for not one person to even acknowledge I was there. The person I think is the owner came up to the counter a few times and was getting orders for other people but I didn't even get acknowledged as existing. No one said hi or told me there would be with me as soon as they could. I don't expect much, even if they thought I was only getting the pop being quickly told I could just leave the $1.25 on the counter would have been enough. I'll probably only eat there again if I can't leave the building.
Jennifer Metituk (08.07.2015 23:48)
Always had great food and great service. The pride in ownership in Escape shows from top to bottom! The Creme Brulee is AMAZING
Christina Wood (21.03.2015 04:50)
Went here with my wife for our anniversary....great service, great food, great ambiance. We will be back!
D Daynes (15.02.2013 18:57)
I see bad reviews of restaurants and I always think, geez, what did that customer have wedged in them that made them so angry.
& then I experienced the service at Escape
Upon entering the space there is no sign that says please wait to be seated, and the AMPLE staff, including the owner ALL avoided eye contact.
I walked over to a waitress and asked her if we were to seat ourselves. They have an 85 capacity and there may have been 40 people in there, except the seating is arranged in a very inefficient way so the waitress in an unfriendly manner told me they were full. At the same time, the other member of my party had stumbled upon the owner (who I recognized from facebook) and the owner was EXTREMELY rude to her.
However, being that the reviews had seemed alright, and the food looked really good, I -without any direction from the staff- found us a couple of seats. Over the next fifteen minutes, I watched to owner walk by people waiting at the entrance without acknowledging them. Watched 2 couples who were strangers to each other elect on their own to sit together to save some space, Saw random people trickling in without ANY kind of written organization as far as who was there first.
Now I realize I sound like a snarky jerk, but this entire time I was smiling and trying to be positive, until they started seating people that arrived after us. The owner FINALLY came over with water and asked if we wanted wine. I directly said we weren't sure if we were staying as we had been unimpressed with service already. She asked how (in the snotty manner suitable to a stereotypical desperate housewife) and I pointed out the people who had arrived after us that she had sat. Now anyone with any restaurant/business experience would know in this situation, even if I was a snotty whiney stuck up cow of a customer, which I wasn't in the slightest, she should have offered some sort of apology or rectification. She huffed something and walked away.
I feel sorry for the cook who appears to be talented as he has to have his business riding on that representation. We were actually scoping out the place for a business dinner in March.
I've never written a poor review, and I'm not the type to get worked up by this, but it was so awful I wanted to recognize it.
We went to Padrino's instead. They were also full but the girl immediately took down my name and walked me to a seat at the bar. The bartender was busy, but friendly and engaged us in conversation as much as she could, we were taken to our table where they had chocolate dipped strawberries waiting, and our waitress, and the food runners were all extremely friendly, helpful and positive

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