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Avis Car Rental

10610 Airport Drive, Grande Prairie
5 novertējumi
+1 780-539-4101

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D Konkin (02.10.2017 06:48)
I have used car rentals through my career. What I have found is they all do pretty much the same thing, provide a mode of transport so you can get around. What makes one stand out over the other is the people!
For the last five weeks I have been travelling to Grande Prairie for business. On arrival I go to AVIS and Tatjana has the contract and keys ready for my use. She is always professional in the way she treats her customers. When I dropped the car off the first time she suggested I go and check in (I was running late) and she would have paperwork ready when I came back!
Her efforts are appreciated by me and in return I try to make my reservations well in advance of my travel date to ensure a car is available. Grande Prairie has a lot of rental activity which means cars can disappear quickly.
I plan to continue using AVIS while I travel to GP.
A very satisfied customer.

Stephanie S (14.07.2017 14:17)
Infant car seat reserved but not available upon pickup of vehicle.
Brad Mitchell (12.07.2017 17:24)
I have started to make frequent Business trips to GP. I used Avis the first time, and joined their points program with a Wizard Number. Arriving today, .....no one at kiosk,.....no keys for Benefit program user, and I watch both National and Enterprise move people through the line getting vehicles. No Wizard Number there!
Cayley Fenske (26.05.2017 23:16)
Terrible customer service. Was told receipt will be emailed to me. Receipt was not emailed so I called to follow up. The lady I spoke with was not helpful in addressing my concerns and blamed me for not being able to find the booking in their system.
Jordan Hart (22.12.2014 22:37)
horrible service!

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