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Fishing Tour - Pacific salmon

Atlantik Travel

Canada - Pacific salmon

Country: Canada (British Columbia)

Season: All year - best June to October

Fishing: Spinning, fly Fishing and bait

Species: Sturgeon & Pacific salmon

Accommodation: Fishing lodge (high standard)

Price: from 15, 000- dkk

Travel consultant: Atlantik Travel

E-mail: atlantik@atlantik. dk

In beautiful British Columbia we can offer outstanding angling for hard fighting Pacific salmon and truely world class Fishing for the enormous white sturgeon. A stay in Fraser River Lodge is a really wonderful experience, combining a range of elements rarely found anywhere else in the world.

The Fraser River is almost certainly has the world's best fishery for white sturgeon, which can weigh many hundreds of pounds! On top of this, depending on the time of year this river system also offers top class angling for Pacific salmon. But a stay at the Fraser River Lodge is not simple about the fishing; the standards of accommodation and service in the lodge are first class, and everything down to the smallest detail is taken care of. If you wish, the lodge will prepare your catch for dinner in the evening, or have it smoked or frozen for you to take home. Once you arrive at the lodge, you only need to concentrate on relaxing and enjoying the great Fishing. . . . .


1, 500lb - this was the estimated weight of the biggest sturgeon ever caught in the Fraser on rod and line. This huge fish was landed just downstream of the lodge a couple of years ago. Most fish caught here are, of course, somewhat smaller - but landing a sturgeon of over 200lbs is not a rare occurance. The largest catch made by any one angler was 47 white sturgeon taken over 5 days. You can therefore be confident of coming into contact with one of these fish if you spend a bit of time trargeting them specifically. It shouldn't be necessary to mention that this fishery is 100% catch and release. Season: all year.

King Salmon

The world's largest slamon. The king salmon can reach weights of over 30kg and really is a formidable opponent. A week spent at the lodge, in season, will practically guarantee that you will come in to contact with one of these giant salmon. Even if you don't get to land a fish of over 30kg, fish of over 10kg are common, and you will have a really good chance of landing a fish of over 20kg. When Fishing for you can use the same fly-fishing outfit you might use for salmon Fishing on one of the big European rivers, or with heavy spinning tackle. High season: June to October.


Annually, somewhere between 6-10, 000 steelhead swin up the rivers that flow into the Fraser River Delta. Therefore there is a really good chance of coming into contact with one of these hard fighting fish. Steelhead, enter the river from January to August, but the most agreeable time to fish for them is certainly the summer. If you visit the Fraser in August, there will be many other species of fish in the river to give sport, while you fish for steelhead. Fishing for steelhead employs the same techniques that you would use to fish for trout in other parts of the world, the only difference is that here you have the chance of catching fish of over 10kg. This, of course, is not an everyday occurance, but it is a real possibility during your stay in the lodge. Season: January to August.

Coho salmon.

Coho are perhaps the most beautiful of the Pacific salmon species, well proportioned and a pure shining silver when they enter the river. Although coho do not reach the same sizes as King salmon or steelheads, they are a worthy addition to these two species. Coho can be taken on both fly and spinner. Season: September to December.

Additional Species

The Fraser River can also offer angling for chum, pink and sockeye salmon. Chum salmon are regarded as the most aggresive species of salmon, and will bite at pretty much anything that moves in its vicinity. The Fraser River is the host of the world's biggest run of Sockeye (Red) salmon, which are also regarded as the test tasting of any salmon. Pink salmon spawn every second year, and when they do run, they do so in vast numbers - up to 14 million fish in some years. 2011 is the next spawn year for pink salmon. . . . . .

On top of the salmon, trout and char can be caught in the tributaries of the Fraser, and in the many lakes scattered around the district. Many of these lakes are hardly ever fished, so it is quite possible to cast over fish that have rarely, if ever, seen anglers before.

We can arrange individual packages tailored to fit your exact wishes. The Fraser River Lodge can also provide the perfect setting for corporate events, team building etc.

Price example: One week stay including 5 days Fishing - circa 23, 000- dkk

The actual price will depend on the current exchange rate, flight prices and the number of people in your party.

This price includes:

Return flights Denmark - Seattle
Return transfers between the airport/lodge
Breakfast, lunch and dinner during your stay at the lodge
The possibility of using the lodge's equipment: waders, belly boats, flies, lures, rods, reels etc.
5 days guided Fishing inc. transportation in a jet boat to the best Fishing spots.
Fishing license
This price does not include:

Alcoholic drinks
Travel and cancellation insurance

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