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City Cairo is the capital of Egypt and, with a total population in excess of 16 million people, one of the largest cities in both Africa and the Middle East (the regions which it conveniently straddles). It is also the 19th largest city in the world, and among the world's most densely populated cities.
Situated on the Nile river, Cairo is famous for its own history, preserved in the fabulous medieval Islamic city and Coptic sites in Old Cairo. The Egyptian Museum in the centre of town is a must see, with its countless Ancient Egyptian artifacts, as is shopping at the Khan al-Khalili bazaar. No trip to Cairo would be complete, for example, without a visit to the Giza Pyramids, and to the nearby Saqqara Pyramid Complex, where visitors will see Egypt's first step pyramid built by the architect Imhotep for the third dynasty pharaoh Djoser.
Climate The best time to visit Cairo is during the winter from November to March, when daytime highs generally stay below 25°C, with nighttime lows around 10°C with occasional rain showers clearing the air. (Don't bother packing an umbrella: even the rainiest months of the year rarely top 5 mm. ) If visiting during winter, be aware that not all buildings, including some hotels and hostels, are equipped with heaters. Visitors should always pack a few warm jumpers and a warm jacket for evening wear. The brief spring from March to May can be pleasant, but summer temperatures, on the other hand, can reach a searing 38°C, which is compounded by the city's terrible pollution which is at its worst in the fall before the rains.
Sights Citadel and Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha, Al-Azhar Mosque, Ibn Tulun, The Coptic Museum,
The "Hanging Church" (Church of the Virgin Mary), Cairo Tower
Tourism There is some demand for Russians also in nightclubs, and hotels. The tourism industry in general may be willing to hire foreigners from European backgrounds to work in countless diving centres and small business around the Red Sea area in Dahab, Hurghada, and Sharm El Sheikh, where many tourists come from Europe to take diving courses in their native langue (German, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, English, Polish) and other languages being the most popular.

Kaira, Ēģipte

Pirmdiena 21, Septembris

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Kaira (القاهرة, al-Qāhirah) - pilsēta Ēģiptes ziemeļos pie Nīlas pie upes deltas sākuma. Ēģiptes galvaspilsēta un lielākā pilsēta. Ēģiptes galvenais ekonomikas, finansiālais un izglītības centrs.

Jau no XIX gadsimta Kaira kļuva par tūrisma centru tuvējo Senās Ēģiptes laika pieminekļu dēļ. Ēģiptes Nacionālajais muzejs Kairā slavens kā viena no labākajām Senās Ēģiptes mākslas priekšmetu krātuvēm pasaulē.
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