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pasaules laika joslu karte – ceļojumi pa pasauli - Vācija, Hamburga, laika ziņas, telefona kods, foto galerijas
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Vietu saraksts
ABC Forum Hamburg
ABC-Straße, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/30039490
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Aldi Nord
Gründgensstraße 26, Hamburg

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Jungfernstieg 16, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/359010
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Antiquariat in der Rathauspassage
Rathausmarkt 1, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/36900990
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Axel Springer Passage
Caffamacherreihe 1, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/34700
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Möllner Landstraße 3, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/6891740
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Bleichenbrücke 11, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/80805490
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ChangePur GmbH
Borselstr. 16b, Hamburg, Germany

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CinemaxX Hamburg-Wandsbek Filmtheater
Quarree 8-10, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 180 5 24636299
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Deutsche EuroShop AG
Oderfelder Straße 23, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/413579 ext. 0
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Edgar Prignitz Fashion
Waitzstraße 27, Hamburg
+49 40 344187
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Einkaufstreffpunkt Farmsen
Berner Heerweg 173, Hamburg

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Einkaufszentrum Münzstraße GmbH & Co. KG
Überseering 34, Hamburg, Deutschland

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EKT Farmsen (einkaufs treffpunkt farmsen)
Berner Heerweg 173, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/6430944
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EKZ Wilhelmsburg
Wilhelm-Strauß-Weg 10, Hamburg

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Elbe Einkaufszentrum
Julius-Brecht-Straße 6, Hamburg

Lasīt vairāk »
Julius-Brecht-Straße 6, Hamburg
+49 40 8078670
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Elfenreich Noa Noa
Elfenreich given permission to all appearing on its website content to gain information about the user's realm of fairy products to use and copy or to create an expression. Data and information that are available for download on this site are expressly for sales support or dissemination of the products presented on this website as part of a commercial enterprise determined. Layout and design of this presentation and the information and images are under the copyright law geschützt.Das is also important to note if material appearing on this website by third parties to collect information used or copied. Registered and unregistered trademarks of the company Elf-realm Bärbel Heyn Henrichs or third parties without the prior written consent not to be used in promotional materials or other publicity in connection with the dissemination of information. All information is provided without warranty. A liability for damages arising from the use of published content is excluded.Lasīt vairāk »
Emerson Network Power GmbH
Sachsenstraße 5, Hamburg, Germany

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Engbers Männermode
Osdorfer Landstraße 131, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/80020443
Lasīt vairāk »
Enoteca Im Hanseviertel GmbH
Große Bleichen 36, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/352417
Lasīt vairāk »
ENOTECA im Hanseviertel GmbH
Große Bleichen 36, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/352417
Lasīt vairāk »
Esplanadebau GmbH & Co. KG
Esplanade 6, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/346289
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Esprit Store Hamburg
On Thursday 16 September 2010, Esprit officially opened the doors to the ‘World of Esprit’ in the largest Esprit store in the world. Thanks to a complete renovation, the store on Frankfurt’s Zeil has not only been expanded, but also showcases a completely new store design. Two additional floors were created and the store now stretches over more than 3600 sq. m. A large part of the existing façade of the building is glazed and divided into square grids with concrete elements. A second façade level is overlaid on this construction, giving the exterior of the store a completely new dimension. This second, perforated façade contains over 14,000 glass lenses which use LED technology to display dynamic animations, thus creating a completely new surface effect. The store will become an unmissable highlight of the lively shopping street, particularly in the evenings.Lasīt vairāk »
Europa Passage
Ballindamm 40, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/76752480
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Forum Winterhude
Winterhuder Marktplatz 7, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/5719840
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Galeria Kaufhof Hamburg Mönckebergstraße
The Galeria Kaufhof has Mönckebergstraße Hamburg in January 2011 for being one of the first two stores in the Hanseatic city of the new national quality mark "Shopping generation-friendly". The certificate records from businesses, which make the purchase for people with and without disabilities as convenient and accessible as possible.Lasīt vairāk »
Galleria Hamburg
Große Bleichen 21, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/4862000
Lasīt vairāk »
Gänsemarkt Passage
Gänsemarkt 50, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/3501680
Lasīt vairāk »
Gänsemarkt PASSAGE
Gänsemarkt 50, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/3501680
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Hamburger Abendblatt Ticket-Shop Billstedt Center
Möllner Landstr. 3, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/21987182
Lasīt vairāk »
Hamburger Hof
Jungfernstieg 26-30, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/349604 ext. 0
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Hanse Viertel
A sea of ​​magnificent bright lights invites the visitor to the beautiful Christmas market on Jungfernstieg, just steps away from the Hanseatic quarter one. The special feature on the pontoons of the piers on the Inner Alster Lake, you can experience romantic moments in skating under the stars. These have also this year the "fairy boats" moored at the quay and in particular offer visitors a little Christmassy leisure activities.Lasīt vairāk »
hessnatur Hamburg
Hess Natur was founded in 1976 and is market leader in the German-speaking market for natural textiles and stands for a „socially and ecologically correct“ production. Hess Natur distributes its products through conventional mail-order service, local trade and e-commerce in Germany, Switzerland and the US.Lasīt vairāk »
HSH Nordbank
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz 50, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/33330
Lasīt vairāk »
Bleichenbrücke 10, Hamburg, Germany
+49 69/7171299 ext. 0
Lasīt vairāk »
Mönckebergstraße 7, Hamburg
+49 40 326816
Lasīt vairāk »
Lounge-zone - Möbel Lagerverkauf - MÖBEL OUTLET
Billbrookdeich 34, Hamburg
+49 40 883067690
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LUNA Einkaufszentrum Wilhelmsburg GmbH & Co. KG
Wilhelm-Strauß-Weg 4a, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/30236319
Lasīt vairāk »
Lurup Center GmbH & Co. KG
Eckhoffplatz, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/3330130
Lasīt vairāk »
Marktplatz Galerie Bramfeld
Bramfelder Chaussee 230, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/25499750
Lasīt vairāk »
Marktplatz-Galerie Bramfeld
Bramfelder Chaussee 230, Hamburg
+49 40 639170310
Lasīt vairāk »
Mein Fotostudio Hamburg Billstedt
Möllner Landstraße 3, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/7326017
Lasīt vairāk »
Mellin-Passage und Alsterarkaden
Neuer Wall / Alsterarkaden, Hamburg, Germany

Lasīt vairāk »
Ottenser Hauptstr. 10, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/3986840
Lasīt vairāk »
Meta Horn
Rennbahnstraße 12, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/6511052
Lasīt vairāk »
Miniseitz, Sachen die Freude machen
Alsterdorfer Markt, Hamburg
+49 176 34113186
Lasīt vairāk »
Mundsburg Center Centermanagement
Hamburger Str. 11, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/2279746
Lasīt vairāk »
Nedderfeld Center
Nedderfeld 70, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/20226436
Lasīt vairāk »
Neuer Gänsemarkt
Gänsemarkt 24, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/32509580
Lasīt vairāk »
Julius-Brecht-Straße 6, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/8078670
Lasīt vairāk »
Pirelli RE Property Management Deutschland GmbH
Quarree 8, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/658789 ext. 0
Lasīt vairāk »
Pöseldorf Center
Mittelweg 136, Hamburg
+49 40 480580
Lasīt vairāk »
QUARREE Einkaufszentrum Wandsbek-Markt
Quarree 8, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/658789 ext. 0
Lasīt vairāk »
Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg
+49 40 4291600
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René Lezard
Breaking new ground. Authentic live. With conviction and fortitude. With the sovereignty and to remain ever faithful, to be calculated without. Break times and styles, but will never be lacking in style. And quite naturally can laugh at themselves. It has character. And shows individuality.Lasīt vairāk »
Rohde - Gofräsh Ohg
Hamburger Straße 27, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/22690881
Lasīt vairāk »
Shopping center Quarree Wandsbek Markt
Quarree 8-10, Hamburg
+49 40 6587890
Lasīt vairāk »
Signum Store
LIFE IS TO BUNT TO FASHION TO TAKE BORING. SIGNUM is the right partner for men who love fashion - but do not want to be fashionable. The coexistence of the current collections colorful man wears best in combination with personality and character. Who decides on the mode selected by SIGNUM, 100% combined tailoring with vitality and authenticity. And because fashion only through the support of the statement is, SIGNUM has made ​​in the current collections of real individuality to the forefront. Look forward to it.Lasīt vairāk »
Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG Fil. Am Thalia-Theater
Rosenstr. 8, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/5500550
Lasīt vairāk »
Große Elbstraße 68, Hamburg
+49 40 30621100
Lasīt vairāk »
Swarovski bei Karstadt Hamburg
Welcome to Hamburg Karstadt Mönckebergstraße new look since September 2008 for the Hamburg-house tradition: 36.8 million euros have been invested in recent years to modernize the store. The house opened in 1912, counts with 32 000 m² of shopping space, eleven floors and approximately 180 000 items of goods to the largest department stores in Germany. The contemporary product presentation is enhanced by a generous routing. More than 240 brand shops have nothing to be desired for a unique shopping experience. The focus range is focused especially on the fashion departments. New, for example, the shops of Otto Kern and Mr. Alberto in the clothing, DOB in the Mac and Gelco, Simone Perele and Palmer in the lingerie department. Northern Germany's largest lingerie department was expanded from 1000 to 1500 square feet. Barber and Beauty Lounge round out this floor in terms of lifestyle. For guests' refreshment there the food sector in the first Perfetto Floor and the restaurant of the 5th Bunk.Lasīt vairāk »
Swarovski Hamburg Europapassage
Fashion, brands, mega stores - you will find everything that has rank and name: for everyone: from the latest fashion trends of attractive gift ideas to fun, games and excitement. We invite you to an elegant walk on a 5-storied boulevard that is unparalleled. One thing is guaranteed: in the Europa Passage is all you could desire.Lasīt vairāk »
SWAROVSKI Hamburg Europapassage
Ballindamm 40, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/32508811
Lasīt vairāk »
Thevs & Co. (GmbH & Co.) Europapassage Geschenkartikel
Ballindamm 40, Hamburg, Germany
+49 40/76757456
Lasīt vairāk »
!umgezogen! - NordenQvist skandinavische Süßwaren
Große Bleichen 36, Hamburg
+49 40 209339540
Lasīt vairāk »
Glockengießerwall 8-10, Hamburg, Deutschland
+49 40/30392247
Lasīt vairāk »
Große Elbstraße 146, Hamburg
+49 40 38616122
Lasīt vairāk »
Billbrookdeich 34, Hamburg
+49 40 883067690
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