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Navarrete 165, Hermosillo
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+52 662 260 4093

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Adri Ber (16.04.2014 20:15)
This is Adriber I will always provide the best and honest reviews. I been traveling for many decades and must honestly say this company has provided the worst service. They over sold my airplane seat. In other words they sell airplane seats that does not exist and claim that in there country they can legally do this. Like mentioned before it wasn't my first time traveling with other airline company before. So I escalate the issue but no one cared. I was forced to spend and additional cost and time taking the bus back to the states. Would strongly suggest to select another airline company to travel safe in to Mexico. As always I'm a firm believer of quality over quantity. This is my review remember always look for adriber for the best and honest review. :-)

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