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Nett Ramen

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Sulinda Edward (27.03.2017 14:16)
SHAWN MENDIOLA (16.03.2017 13:45)
Nett Ramen it's the only restaurant on island that has the fresh homemade japanese noodles. It is on the side of the river where fresh water meets the salt water and the view is very wonderful and the breeze is just nice. If you love noodles i recomend Nett Ramen.
Glen Anderson (05.07.2016 09:25)
Best food on island. Had Curry Ramen followed by homemade yogurt plus almost everything else on the menu. Handmade ramen. Would move to Pohnpei just to eat here everyday.
Mason Wiley (15.10.2015 07:34)
Outstanding food and nice atmosphere. Legit ramen and tempura. Definitely worth a visit.
Victor Restrepo (07.08.2015 05:42)
Good service, good food. Overall a very nice go-to place for home-made noodles and stock

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