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Al-Rikabiyya, Omdurman
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mari (18.10.2018 18:08)
Good afternoon
I would like to visit Sudan
Can you help me about a tour in Sudan?
I like to visit Moroe, desert and otrher place
I have 9/10 days from 28 or 29 december to 6/01/19
Can you send me a program and price?
We are sure 2 people but if the offer will be good, we will be may be 4 pax or more
thanks and my best regard
Aneesa Adams (16.05.2016 12:20)
I would like to bring a family member from Sudan/Khartoum to visit me in South Africa. What will it cost for the plane ticket return for a single Male Adult as well as the visa.
JOSE LOGRONO (12.11.2014 10:26)
Good morning
Please I need your help, I want to travel to El
Cairo-Egypt and I need your price for ticket airs
please de dates is:
23 december 2014 until 02 january 2014
one person
economic class

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