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Core Body Training

2433 Broad St Suite C, Chattanooga
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+1 423-265-2673

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Janet Jobe (22.12.2016 22:06)
After years of lower back pain, issues getting out of car after long trip, and chiropractic 3 times a week, visiting Core on a regular basis has fixed it all. Christie lengthened and strengthened muscles at issue, made me more limber and flexible, and stronger. She's the best at trigger point therapy. Some days we do cardio, some yoga, some circuit or just plain stretching ......all depending in how I feel and how I am walking. No more pain, no more ibuprofen. One on one in a private setting, exactly geared to specifics for you. Sending all my friends. Thanks so much.
Kirk Bates (28.02.2015 20:39)
Core Body Training is an EXCELLENT place to work out in Chattanooga! I have worked with Lee Elsea, a Personal Trainer at Core, for a long time. He is an amazing personal trainer with an exceptional knowledge of fitness.

Another thing I love about Core is that it is a private fitness studio and really nothing like a big gym. It's an intimate setting with experienced trainers that really know how to get results. That's my kind of workout place! I HIGHLY recommend Core Body Training.

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