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CrossFit Brigade

626 Cherokee Boulevard, Chattanooga
4 novertējumi
+1 423-402-0450

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Christina Tracy (23.09.2017 20:57)
Great coaches, willing to work around my old knee injury without making me feel guilty or weak. I've really appreciated the attention they give to making sure movements are done correctly to increase strength and minimize injury. Great workout!
Gregory Reed (30.05.2017 17:57)
Good coaching, good people. And some of the best t-shirt options I've seen at a box in a while. I'm a business traveler who drops into boxes all-over the country. Most are great, some aren't as great, but it can be hard to differentiate those on just a drop in visit. This place, I'm comfortable writing a review for because of a few reasons: responsive communication, proper coaching on movements/organizing a class, and friendly community. Dropped in a for a noon class and was very impressed. Also, they have dope t-shirts (always appreciate options when picking up a souvenir shirt on these trips).
Ed Horner (24.03.2017 01:16)
Terrific group of athletes and coaches. Knowledgeable and encouraging staff has whipped me into the best shape of my life at 45! Keep up the great work Brigade.
Chuck Yarbrough (14.10.2016 03:49)
Great members! Great Coaches! Great Results!

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