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Forte Fitness

313 Manufacturers Road #211, Chattanooga
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+1 423-362-5955

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Jon Jones (12.09.2017 16:58)
Went here to get a jump start on knowing how to work out. Trained with Chad for 8 weeks and he did a good job of explaining everything as well as getting me started on a work out routine. Corrected my form and gave pointers on what to do in order to maintain good form in the movements I have trouble with. Very pleased with my experience here and would recommend them to anyone.
Lauren Boehm (12.09.2017 00:56)
My husband and I have been working out at Forte Fitness for a year and we love it! We both exercised regularly but wanted to improve our strength, core and feel more well-balanced. It has made a huge improvement and we feel great! All the staff are knowledgable, motivating, and friendly! It's not just hard work but a fun and friendly environment! Ryan and Anne Marie are our trainers and we've been with them since nearly the very beginning. We find them both to be tuned in to our goals, challenging but effective and people we would consider friends. We would not hesitate to recommend Forte and our trainers!
Judd Lyon (03.09.2017 21:02)
First rate training by first rate people. Kyle operates the business and couldn't be friendlier or more on the ball. My trainer Ryan (a soft-spoken guy who just happens to be a world-class athlete) designed a program to help strengthen my messed up shoulder. They kept me healthy, and now I'm significantly stronger. If you're in a financial position to do so, go for it!
Brooke Ridley (01.09.2017 04:10)
I have been working out at Forte Fitness for over a year now and it has been the best gym experience I have ever had. The staff really care about you not only as a client but also as a person. Everyone is so friendly, and the atmosphere is so different from other gyms I have been to. The trainers are very knowledgeable and very open to working with your individual needs and wants. I have been working with Ryan for a year and I am now capable of doing things I never thought possible when I started my fitness journey. I told him when we started working together that I wanted to focus on improving my balance. He went above and beyond teaching me skills I would have never thought to try. It has even fueled my desire to learn more and explore new areas of fitness. I have reached so many goals with Ryan's help. A year on I am able to do hand balancing techniques like the crow pose and the dragon pistol. My flexibility and strength have improved dramatically and I am now able to do back bends and spider crawls. I have also lost twenty five pounds and have never felt or been more healthy in my life. Every session is fun and enjoyable thanks to Ryan's positive attitude and encouragement. I always look forward to working out because I know I will have fun even when I'm doing something that I may not be particularly fond of. I wouldn't want to work out anywhere else. Thanks to Ryan and all of the staff at Forte Fitness I am able live the best and healthiest life possible.
Amy Yacoubian (30.08.2017 00:46)
I sought out Forte Fitness because I had gotten a little too sedentary, and I needed some motivation. I wasn't interested at all in a big gym and the atmosphere that can come along with it. Forte was perfect for me because not only is it one-on-one training, but it's set up so you have privacy with individual rooms. All of the trainers there are beyond qualified, and there is a style of training available that will suit you. But I have to say, I was so happy with Meredith and Chad. Because of my ever changing schedule, I would train with either one or the other. They will push you, but just the right amount, so you won't dread going back. And you will achieve the results you went in wanting. Another reason I was so happy with Meredith and Chad is because I feel that now I can consider them friends :) Forte has a great, positive atmosphere and is very well run. Highly recommend.

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