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Iron Tribe Fitness - North Shore

125 Cherokee Boulevard, Chattanooga
1 novertējums
+1 423-504-0945

Iron Tribe Fitness - North Shore uz kartes


Kristin Diesel (25.04.2016 02:04)
What started as a dream ended as a nightmare. When I started the trainers were amazing and supportive, however the poor management drove them out. After several months of going, a change in employment required me to end my membership. It was at that time I was told that there is no leaving before your year contract. As it wasn't mentioned in my orientation and I wasn't given a copy of my membership contract, I was unaware. After much research (as of this post) Iron Tribe is the only gym in Chattanooga that will not let you out of your contract with a reasonable cancellation fee. Confronting the management was mostly an exercise in futility. Management literally rolled his eyes at my customer service complaint. Sadly many others have had my same experience.

There are so many other amazing gyms and trainers in the area, don't give these guys your $250 per month.

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