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Big D Fun Tours

411 Elm Street, Dallas
5 novertējumi
+1 214-400-9020

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Bruce Kimbrough (20.11.2017 23:19)
It gives you the insight to what happened to Oswald after the shooting of JFK but still doesn't explain the head shot.
Swift M (12.09.2017 18:18)
Every time we have family come into town for the first time we do the JFK Tour. It is fantastic and highly recommended. It always left on time, and we had no issues whatsoever. My husband and I have done the tour three times now spread across 8 years, taking new family with us each time, and we still enjoy it. Great historical information about a time that I don't think we should ever forget.
Bharath Sampath (03.08.2017 23:41)
Wouldnt recommend as you dont have a television anymore, all you get is audio from a youtube video.. Extremely hard to follow with the loud engine noise. Air Conditioning hardly works and a very bad decision..
Krista O'Neal (28.04.2017 23:36)
We paid for the tour expecting it to be an open top trolley as the pictures show. The girl that sold us the ticket even said it would be an open top trolley. As the trolley pulled up it was not an open top and it was almost full. There were plenty of us waiting as we purchased our tickes, but it was already full. Since we did not get what we paid for we went back to the girl at the stand to request our money back. She stood there and argued with us in front of a crowd of people. In the end and after a ridiculous amount of attitude from the ticket seller she stated that she would put a request in for a refund since we paid by card. She said that she can not do the refund but she would send it to someone else. She only took down one of our contact info ( even though we each paid on a different card.) When we asked why she didn't take all of our info she said that she had all she needed and walked away. I doubt I'll ever see a refund from this company. The point is don't falsely sell something and then get an attitude when people want a refund. Just another rip off tourist trap. WHAT A RIP OFF. Take your money and put it to use somewhere else other than this place. ** UPDATE - Ended up doing a charge back with my bank. I got my money back. I know these fools sure wouldn't have given me the refund I was owed.
Tim Ballard (04.02.2017 02:26)
A very nice way to connect the dots with very specific timelines that fateful day in Dallas. Met Mike but Tony did the tour and he did it well. $20 well spent. $10 tip. They do accept gratuities so go knowing that's how they get paid.
The trolley was loud because it's an old one which made it a little hard to hear but his information was good. Driver was big on facts not conspiracies.

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