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Eagle 9 - Allen Theatres

1609 Joe Harvey Boulevard, Hobbs
5 novertējumi
+1 575-392-3988

Eagle 9 - Allen Theatres uz kartes


Jaran Chesser (27.10.2017 22:09)
I drove all the way to Hobbs from Lovington to get movie tickets for a popular movie because I was afraid it would sell out. I was forced to go to the box office to get tickets because the online ticket buying site was not operational. I arrived at the box office 30 minutes before the box office opened and tried to explain to the manager/owner the situation but he rudely brushed away my concerns and shut the door in my face and told me to wait the 30 minutes for the box office to open, which was scheduled for 1:30, ridiculous for a Friday night. Told me he had nothing to do with the online ticket buying service and I would have to wait because he was not ready to open yet. Typical Hobbs for you. No concept of customer service or class.
Chevy Silverado (22.10.2017 19:38)
Horrible place. Sticky floors. Hot as hell. And I’ve never been in a theater with such horrible sound. My kids tv is louder and has more bass than this place. I even gave it a chance and went back a second time. Negative. I asked them to turn on the ac and if they can turn up the bass and volume. It was a joke. We wait till we go out of town to watch a movie. Hopefully someone brings a real theater in town or this place actually invests getting this one better.
Timmi Owen (18.10.2017 02:31)
The theater has had many improvements and it is an enjoyable experience. People using their cell phones during the movies is ridiculous, even during weekdays and we go less because of it. Management needs to manage that problem.
Jesus Ivan Garcia (23.09.2017 20:44)
I like the seats here. The cup holders in between the seats move upwards which is great for when you have a date. The projection quality is great along with the sound system. The prices at the concesión are high, but then again that's in every theater. Expect to pay about $9 per movie ticket which I think its on the expensive side of the scale, but this is the only movie theater near town so, what can you do right? Altogether, service is great which makes it all worth it when you want to hang out with a group of friends.
Edna Glenn (01.07.2017 00:50)
Awesome time. I'm on a fix income, and for 3 people $23.00 for tickets, and then for just 2 person 2 med drink and nacho $19.00 Just a little much for my pocket book. Other needed to bring $7.00 her own cause I couldn't afforded

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