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New Windsor Hotel

546 West Adams Street, Phoenix
3 novertējumi
+1 602-254-8694

New Windsor Hotel uz kartes


jennifer bigelow (24.08.2017 09:18)
That place is ran like a prison and led by a Nazi
Tiana Jensen (20.09.2016 07:57)
So far I have found this small historical hotel, built in 1892, to be safest place I have experienced in Phoenix.

I agree w the other posts of human trafficking is sadly real and some of it saves refugees lives and some of it is of the twisted wealthy that not ever stopped buying selling and trading people, slavery. Truth can be scary and confusing.
Human trafficking is real, NOR should it be on commentaries, you all that have made these posts, are speaking about private human beings lives, please be respectful of whatever these people are and have gone through, and above all, if you have tangible knowledge , share w a great team of real people, the Phoenix police whom I have found very approachable, and will keep you safe ! Thank you.

I will stand and say that that is NOT at the New Windsor Hotel nor are Drugs
THIS SWEET LIL OLDE QUAINT HOTEL IS :) sweet gem of a unique historical value. Thank you and hope tourist do stop along the way to enjoy what is good and original and historical value to this state and country.
Thank you for preserving the true wealth of USA, our original stories and homes. GOD BLESS
steven Lewandowski (03.07.2016 02:49)
Low rent as in Affordable. The Mgr. is rather a nice fellow who deals with each and every what have you in a even handed and fair fashion. The staff are friendly.

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