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The Club Airport Lounges

3400 East Sky Harbor Boulevard, Phoenix
5 novertējumi
+1 877-535-0259

The Club Airport Lounges uz kartes


Jason Bourne (13.10.2017 22:31)
Really disappointing. Just some cheap snacks like cold pasta and stale tasteless cubes of hard cheese.
brian wan (24.09.2017 21:34)
Only good if you want to drink alcohol...
Baruch Labunski (14.08.2017 01:50)
Not letting a Canadian priority pass member in is awful after seven minutes. It's hurts to see what you do to members. I will never enter your club ever again.
Rahul Katdare (09.08.2017 05:44)
Terrible place for a stop. At breakfast time, they only had single serve oatmeals with hot water and some sad looking fruits. But the bar was well stocked at 8am. I guess if you just want drinks, it might be a place to go.
Kyle Hurst (12.07.2017 02:46)
I must not be quite as spoiled as some of these reviewers or maybe my standards are low but I'm having a fine layover here atm. One review mentioned they don't serve hot food but if you stay past when they switch over to British Airways they brought out two types of soup and sandwiches.

The furniture and decor are fine; it's nothing luxurious but it's clean and comfy. The staff are nice and all my mixed drinks are free so considering how I could be spending this 5 hour layover, it's hard to complain that I have a lounge to while away the time in.

Maybe my view will change after I experience the international lounges not stateside but for now, this lounge is perfectly adequate.

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