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The Great Alaskan Bush Co

2980 Grand Avenue, Phoenix
5 novertējumi
+1 602-254-2909

The Great Alaskan Bush Co uz kartes


John John (05.11.2017 06:29)
Great Club has +21 side and has an 18 + side... so you can go over to one side drink and see topless or u can go after the +21 side an drink to the 18 + and get full nude Dance now that the club is Under New Management and has been remodeled changes have been made and staff and girls and bouncers have all been rehired better people especially dancers and the new owner is good people
Shane Clark (19.10.2017 12:05)
This review is a review of Marc Williams's review. It was a good review. Above good, if you are the discerning type. But the review lacked content. Why did you take your first date to a strip club? Why was the topless side better? This are things we need to know, Marc. As the consumers, we thank you.
Marc Williams (08.10.2017 23:02)
Took a girl on our first date we had a good time. There weren't any girls dancing on the fully nude side when we came in. The topless side had much better atmosphere.
Chris Valiant (12.08.2017 04:03)
What can I say that hasn't already been said here? We all love our ABCo, as an amazing example for a female-empowering work joint (last I checked it had the lowest tip out and gave the girls the first and last say in alll transactions), and as a right of passage for boys leaving the innocence of high school behind.
Ayanna Pierfax (31.05.2017 23:36)
I've been here before while it was under a different management, came in last night and was surprised to know they had a new owner.
Was told they are changing it up to something more upscale which would be nice and they even had some beautiful new dancers.
Can't wait to see how it's going to look when it's finished.

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