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Capital Comfort Hostel

1610 7th Street Northwest, Washington
5 novertējumi
+1 877-889-6499

Capital Comfort Hostel uz kartes


Rick Peralta (22.10.2017 18:39)
Low cost for lodging. 4-8 bunk beds per tiny room. Co-ed bathrooms... including showers. Vending machines in the tiny lobby.
Devin Young (07.05.2017 04:33)
It was clean and relatively comfortable. My one issue is that they don't put their address on their website. They claim they do this because they don't want to insult your intelligence by assuming you need them to tell you where the hostel is. Giving me the address does not insult my intelligence. Rather it saves me an extra step of googling the location. Maybe the idea is to give travelers a sense of pride for locating the hostel as if it's some hidden treasure. It's not treasure, it's a hostel. Just give me the damn address. Other than that, nice place.
Marc Zerfas (30.04.2017 02:03)
Great location with small rooms although for the price you cannot complain. It seems to share a wall with a night club so I recommend ear plugs. Shared bathroom is good enough.
Daniel Kafka (28.04.2017 00:54)
This is without doubt, the worst hostel in which I have stayed. It fails to meet several basic needs that one comes to expect while traveling in the US. Firstly, it was promised to us to have a room for 5. This did not happen so a member of our group stayed in a different room. The beds in prison (or military basic training) are quite actually better than the roll of corn husks they give you. The beds are janky but whatever it is a hostel. The problem with the beds is how uncomfortable they are made by the fragmented pieces of wood they use to offer rigidity. If you have any type of pressure points anywhere in your body, this is sure to exacerbate them. Beyond the beds, the rooms are absurdly small for four grown people (or children for that matter) and they have no place to secure sensitive items. The outlets on the walls are quite literally hanging from the wires which makes one wonder how this place regularly passes inspection. One last note about the room: the ventilation is essentially non-existent unless you keep the door open. The bathroom is for everyone, which really is standard, but it is unclean. Water is left pooling near the toilets and showers for extended periods of time. Water pressure from the faucet and showers is shotty at best. About the only good thing about this hostel... the check out.
Kyle Beesley (20.04.2017 17:12)
If I could rate this place lower than one star I would. The wall sockets are loose and falling apart. Definitely a fire hazard. The person who manages it will walk into your room while you are sleeping, with out being invited in. The keys don't work half the time. The bathrooms were disgusting. Don't go here. Over charged by alot. Place is pretty disgusting.

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